August 26 – September 30, 2016 Vol. 18, No. 12

Summertime in the Belgrades

August 26 – September 30


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The Secrets of Autumn

Orange and yellow leaves catch the rays of the setting sun along the shore of Great Pond.

by Esther J. Perne

Autumn! Breath-taking foliage! Placid lakes! Scenic views! What you see isn't what you get . . .

  • The beauty of autumn is more than leaf deep: It is an experience — constantly changing, inviting, comforting; the last hurrah before the whites of winter; the long reward between two more bustling seasons.
  • The lakes in autumn are inviting — for peacefulness, quiet and adventure. There are still warm days to swim, wade, paddle, sail, explore the shore, retrieve treasures — and trash — and bask in the rays of the slanted sunlight.
  • The berries that linger into autumn are sweeter; so is the other bounty of the season: the produce, flowers, late season concerts, theatre and art shows.
  • People are friendlier in autumn. (Not true!) They are as friendly as ever but the pace is more conducive to friendliness. Conversations edge out hasty "Hi"s. Greetings become exchanges of information. Faces form personalities. Now that's friendliness.
  • Exploring is more rewarding in autumn: a trail, a park, a campus, a cove, a historic site. It's the best time to venture out with no particular plan and to venture back with a much more specific knowledge of a trail, a park, a campus, a cove, a historic site.
  • Mountains are easier to climb in autumn, paths are clearer, views are better. There is exhilaration and motivation in going up. There is a feeling of great accomplishment in coming down. The mountains are waiting.
  • Mountains of yard work, house work, and paper work are easier to tackle, too. Yeah!
  • Fundraisers are more fun, special benefits more special as the energy and beauty of autumn complement the seriousness and sometimes sadness of the cause.
  • Camps are cozier in autumn, cozy with sunlight streaming through windows and fires sending out a cheery glow and the scent of wood smoke.
  • Indoor activities seem more sensible in autumn: libraries, story time, craft time, computer time, book time, and indoor exercise are easier to put on the dwindling daylight agenda.
  • Back-to-school is backwards. The school year is forward-facing, filled with newness, hopes, plans, expectations, goals, and the boundless enthusiasm of energetic students.
  • Apples, the great fruit of autumn, are amazing — to pick your own at an orchard, to munch, to pack for school.
  • Autumn is romantic. That's no secret!!