June 2 – 15 , 2017 Vol. 19, No. 1

Summertime in the Belgrades

June 2 – 15


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2017: Can't Wait For Summer

by Esther J. Perne

Can't wait . . . to wear sandals, brain-freeze on ice cream, listen to concerts under the stars and chase the shade on hot days.

Can't wait for warm gentle rains, lupines decorating the roadsides, sails aloft across open waters and bikers whizzing in convoys along local roads.

Can't wait . . . to watch butterflies and birds adding flutter and action to gardens and greenery.

Can't wait for pets to frolic and children to play and oldsters to pick up the pace.

Can't wait to run and jump and boat and bike and accept the invitation of a near perfect summer day to do nothing.

Can't wait . . . to enter a building that's been closed for almost a year and inhale that familiar campy, coming-home smell.

Can't wait for long days, longer shop hours and leisurely lingering.

Can't wait . . . to reduce global, national and home state issues to cheering with the crowd at the local ballpark, watching a parade, admiring a few simple sunsets or choosing from a calendar of events that is wholesome.

Can't wait for the crawl of construction . . .

Can't wait for seasonal residents returning to summer from away, so happy and enthusiastic and eagerly seeking change of address forms, local updates and news.

Yes there is news, changes, losses, births, break-ups, emerging romances, all measured by season, all gathered in the best, most old-fashioned of all mediums: word-of-mouth.

Can't wait for the tide of newbies and summer visitors, who browse the roads and the shops and the events — and love it all.

Can't wait for summer to invite out those who don't leave, who live here, who work here, who wait for summer here and are so relieved here by the change of season and the change of lifestyle.

Fall immerses the region in a burst of beauty and invigoration. Winter offers a challenging balance of cold outside and cozy in. Spring hereabouts defies definition.

But summer . . . ? Can't wait!