June 2 – 15 , 2017 Vol. 19, No. 1

Summertime in the Belgrades

June 2 – 15


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Letter of Welcome

Dear Readers:

Welcome to the summer of 2017 and to the 25th season of this unique Belgrades newspaper.

For years now, we have been greeted with: "Summertime is here, now we know summer has truly arrived." For years now we have had people run up to us on the street, follow us into stores and stop their cars when they see us to get the latest copy of the newspaper.

Contractors often tell us that wherever they're working they see copies of Summertime in homes and camps. We get phone calls for issues that readers can't find. And we get inquiries about something that was in the paper two or three seasons ago.

Although Summertime in the Belgrades has many qualities going for it, the quality that keeps us going most is you: the readership — the visitors, vacationers and residents, the business owners and employees, and the passers-through who want to know where to go and what to do and much more about the Belgrades.

And so, again, we start a new season of summer and of Summertime, as a spokespiece for much that is family-oriented and wholesome in the area, that is of current concern and historic interest, that is beckoning everyone to enjoy, and to participate in, the events, the recreation, the beautiful natural setting.

For everyone, may this be the summer to not just drive by but to stop and discover, to sample, to savor, to visit the sites, to celebrate the events, to admire the views and, yes, to read the Summertime news.

Welcome to our pages . . . the pages of the good times of summertime.

Esther, Erle, Corey, Ethan
Michael and Gregor