June 2 – 15 , 2017 Vol. 19, No. 1

Summertime in the Belgrades

June 2 – 15


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A Lake Legend Lost: Glenn A. Baxter (1942-2017)

A cove, a boy and a boat. For as long as I can remember, there was our cove and there was Glenn, the boy in the boat with a motor.

Like most kids on a lake in his day, the cove — our cove — was Glenn's world. He was always on the water or diving off docks or pestering his father on boat trips to the [Belgrade Lakes] Village. The closest Glenn got to me was storing his boat in a shed on adjoining land where by all accounts young Glenn put his boat away by revving hard and driving full on over the beach and into the building.

Glenn left the lake off and on, of course — for winter, for school — but he always came back to his lake and his boat and the cove that was his world.

Fortunately for Glenn's world, he met Bonnie, a perfect match for adopting his lake life, his peninsula dwelling and his penchant for boating. Evenings through the years they would motor around the cove, waving to dock sitters and sometimes stopping to chat.

Although Glenn was undoubtedly familiar with other sections of the lake — after all, he had always had a motor — he maintained a lot of loyalty to his own cove, its history and its occupants of all ages. When my parents were very elderly, Glenn and Bonnie frequently visited, but they also visited with my very young grandchildren.

The last time I saw Glenn he was checking out a newcomer to the cove but he took time out to walk with me to my parents' camp. It was cold and bleak but Glenn was cheerful about the summer that would lie ahead.

He had a lot to be cheerful about. He was a man with a cove and with a boat with a motor. The same cove and boat for as long as I can remember.

. . . The girl in the rowboat

Glenn Baxter passed away on May 5, after a protracted illness. A memorial service was held on June 3, in the Union Church of Belgrade Lakes in Belgrade Lakes Village. One can read his obituary here.