August 4 – 10, 2017Vol. 19, No. 9

The Gift of a Park

by Esther J. Perne

Peaceful, well-planned, and perfect for public use and enjoyment! The proposed gift of the Belgrade Village Green to the Friends of Belgrade Lakes Village provides a unique dimension to the program of downtown enhancement that the Friends have been developing over the past three years.

With its location between West Road and Route 27 at the southern end of the Village, the Green will complement the popular Peninsula Park at the Village's northern approach as well as assure pedestrians access to open, preserved space.

"We're thrilled with it. It's going to make a wonderful gateway to the Village. It's going to tie everything together," states lifetime resident and a spokesperson for the Friends, Carol Johnson. "The design is in keeping with the Village."

One of nine volunteers who have met weekly and worked tirelessly to seek improvements to the Village's sidewalks and lighting in conjunction with the state road project planned for the Village next summer, Carol states that the Friends were approached with the Belgrade Village Green donation about three months ago and although it has to go before the voters, response has been unanimously positive.

A view from the memorial ring in the northeast corner of the park, showing the picnic area; the low, semicircular wall; the gazebo; and the intersection of West Road and Route 27.

"We owe a huge thank you to the donors for their generosity," she says, referring to residents Lynn and Phyllis Mattson who are giving the land as well as the construction to come as their thank you to the community.

Although the construction designs are still in preliminary sketches, highlights of the Belgrade Village Green include a gazebo, a sitting wall, picnic tables, a handicapped accessible walkway, a water station for dogs and the preservation of the town Christmas tree.

Just add visitors, residents, children, dogs, picnics, conversation, music, romping and playing and the park is complete.