August 25 – Labor Day, 2017Vol. 19, No. 12

2017: First Call For Fall

by Esther J. Perne

Misty mornings, shorter afternoons, tinges of leaf color along shore fronts and country roads. The signs have arrived: summer is advancing into the next season, fall.

Watch out for fall! Here, it's a season for romance and dreaming and climbing mountains, a season for peace and beauty and quiet and a season for renewed energy. Here, it's a season when it's not too late to still catch and enjoy some of the qualities of summer.

Sure, there are changes in the fall. There are foot races on the fall agenda, fundraisers that thrive on refreshing temperatures. Biking, hiking and exploring thrive on refreshing temperatures, too. And there are team sports and school sports where the fields are fun to be on — or to watch.

Indoor activities are afoot in the fall: book groups, wonderful adult ed programs, arts and crafts classes, and beano.

There is special fall work: wood to put in, produce to preserve, plastic to swath around things stored outdoors and anywhere (whole houses) there might be a draft.

Winter recreation beckons. No, not yet, but where are those skis and skates? Do boots still fit the younger set? Is there hot chocolate in the cupboard?

But, wait, early fall is not too late for some great summer activities. Swimming when the air is brisk, the water still warm, the lake quiet is the ultimate luxury. Floating in idle watercraft on smooth waters is the pinnacle of the art of lingering — and observation.

Sitting at an outdoor café or picnic table in the fall is a winning act of defiance against cold to come. Sleeping in an unheated camp is the best sleep ever. And, venturing forth to an area downtown or village is an adventure uncrowded in finally discovering what these destinations are all about.

Fall is a reminder that some of the best summer businesses and attractions and workers and residents are seasonal; summer theater and concerts and art exhibits are, too.

It means time to check the closings, to take in activities and historic sites before Labor Day, to attend that last public supper, to wait no longer for an item to go on sale.

The mornings are misty, the afternoons shorter, the sun lower, and the foliage advancing across the fields and woods.

Watch out for fall! It's a season to fall in love with.