August 25 – Labor Day, 2017Vol. 19, No. 12

Letter from the Editor

With summer in the Belgrades there are few "goodbyes" and many "so longs until we meet again."

The summer of 2017 is no different. As we complete the final Summertime in the Belgrades publication of the season, there remain great memories to sort through, a full file of carryover projects and many promises of new story items and ideas to share with you when we meet again.

Until then, we say thank you. We thank our incredible, incomparable readers who buoy us up with their dedication to tracking us down on our delivery route, who save every issue of Summertime, who assure us that the first stop they make before going to camp is to get a copy of our newspaper and who appreciate our role in uniting the region, in being its voice and, quite simply, in being the best source of all that's good that's going on.

We thank our advertisers who support Summertime both financially and with amazing compliments and friendliness, who are glad to see us every week, and who applaud the quality of our publication.

We thank our small staff who pull it off week after week, year after year: to Mike, Director of Layout and Design and delivery assistant, and to Gregor, Webmaster, editorial contributor and delivery assistant.

And, we thank our regular contributors: Pete Kallin who truly lives the life and walks the walk — and takes a grandkid with him; Rod Johnson, who was lucky to grow up in the grand '50s and is lucky to be able to share those tales so well; to Dale Finseth, whose professional conservation overview of the area provides excellent explanations and advise; and to Martha Barkley for her review of books that touch meaningfully on this region.

Finally, but not least, we thank Ethan and Corey who carried on the Summertime legacy of hands-on, enthusiastic marketing this summer as "paperboys."

And so, for 2017 it is not goodbye but so long until next summer season!

Esther, Erle, Corey, Ethan
Michael and Gregor