June 1 – 14, 2018Vol. 20, No. 1

Summer 2018: Time to Celebrate

by Esther J. Perne

Live here? Summer is especially welcome. Vacation here? What a grand season to return to. Visit here? Discover the find of a lifetime.

All summers in this beautiful region are wonderful, welcome, something to celebrate. But the summer of 2018? Bring it on.

Following a winter of record length and bitter strength and a spring that wouldn't be, the Belgrades and all of Maine are ready for the greening of the land, the climbing heat, even the bugs.

The region is ready for seasonal businesses to open, tourists to stroll the sidewalks and water ways to sparkle in the distance around almost every bend in the road.

The region is ready for a good old-fashioned summer, whether it's sandals to work or bare feet in the water, ready for that first dip in the lake, that first tug on the fishing line, that first cookout, picnic or visit to a scenic height and all the other celebrations of summer.

This is the season when dressing less is best, when eating outdoors is awesome, when it's fun to sit in the sun or jump in the water. It's also fun and easy to visit the area's historic and cultural sites, pack into crowded seasonal events and attractions, linger in parks and outdoor cafes, take part in all the free activities and presentations that the region provides or plan an awesome day trip to the coast, the mountains or Maine destinations yet unfamiliar.

This is the season when for those who have work schedules as usual, with regular jobs or with seasonally long hours helping others enjoy summer, there is celebration, too, be it the occasional day or hour or break.

This is the season when there are moments to be taken to appreciate that living here is what guests to the area only get to dream … and seasonally visit … and celebrate.

Celebrate the summer of 2018: Bring it on.