June 1 – 14, 2018Vol. 20, No. 1

On and Off the Wire: Birds in Urban and Natural Landscapes

Janice Kasper's painting "Blue Jays" is part of the L.C. Bates Museum's summer art exhibition.

The L.C.Bates Museum is excited to share its summer 2018 art exhibition On and Off the Wire: Birds in Urban and Natural Landscapes with visitors. The exhibition displays works of art representing birds, as well as bird-related objects — feathers, nests, bird feeders, etc. The exhibition will run until October 15, 2018.

For over a century, visitors to the historic L. C. Bates Museum at Good Will-Hinckley have been captivated by the Audubon Gallery, with its hundreds of colorful and diverse taxidermied birds — including the Maine bird dioramas with backgrounds hand-painted by impressionist Charles Hubbard in the 1920s. It is only fitting, then, that the Museum's recently announced summer art exhibition, On and Off the Wire, deals exclusively with birds and their role in fine art — as muses, as subjects, and as symbols.

Over twenty Maine artists will show work, depicting birds in a wide array of forms and settings. Contributing artists include Nina Bolen, Milton Christian, Abbott Meader, Sharon Yates, and Holly Berry. For Holly Berry, one of our featured artists, "[B]irds are magical and mysterious to me. I long to touch, hold and hug one but have never had any physical contact with a bird in my life. Actually, I have no true desire to capture and contain such fantastic creatures." Berry's linocuts capture in precise and yet playful detail birds' unique essence.

Over the summer, the Museum also plans to hold several artists' workshops for children, which will stimulate creativity and shed light on the artistic process. Artist Jon Meader will also offer a Bird Migration program on July 25 in his traveling planetarium.

The exhibition is co-curated by Colby College sophomores Yuzhou Cen and Emily Carter, under the guidance of Professor Véronique Plesch, and has been organized with generous support from the Colby College Center for the Arts and Humanities.

For more information about the L.C. Bates Museum's summer art exhibition and related programs contact the L.C.Bates Museum at Good Will-Hinckley at 238-4250 or www.gwh.org/lcbates The L.C. Bates Museum is located on Route 201 in Hinckley, Maine on the Good Will-Hinckley campus.