June 29 – July 5, 2018 Vol. 20, No. 4

Summertime in the Belgrades

June 29 – July 5


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Fourth of July Reflections

Taber and Joanie Newton relaxing in the water on the Fourth.

by Esther J. Perne

Relaxing, low-key, no pressure to gift-give or visit or travel somewhere better. The 4th of July is a great opportunity to stay here, to take the day, the holiday, and enjoy what's nearby.

What's nearby are some beautiful lakes and rivers and streams, trails for all levels of exertion and heights of view, parks and playgrounds and picnic areas seemingly scattered everywhere, recreational and social activities outdoors all day and a simple structure of patriotic celebrations that everyone loves.

Everyone loves a parade, lemonade, flags flying high, floats going by and friendly crowds, mixing toddlers and oldsters and all the in-betweens, children excited, families unseparated, people from away and people who have never left and never will leave their home region.

Never to leave, except some of them did in the quest for their country and their heirs to be free and they didn't return to this place they loved and left, and that's why crowds sit on the side of the road, or river, watching a parade or quite contrarily individuals seek solitude among the calming waterways, the quiet trails, the peaceful parks. Either observance: a choice, a freedom.

The 4th of July with its mouth-watering cookouts and color bursts in the sky marks a large world-change in independence, but the holiday also announces that summer is really here, a summer that is still young.

From the 4th there stretch ahead days that are long and warm and activities that beckon. This is the year not to ignore all those summer outings and experiences that await, that maybe have awaited for years. Start today, start with the 4th. Enjoy what's nearby!