August 3 – 9, 2018 Vol. 20, No. 9

Summertime in the Belgrades

August 3 – 9


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It's Awesome August Time

by Esther J. Perne

August arrives with a hint of the refreshing season to come and an invitation to enjoy the summer at its height. August arrives with a flurry of small town events, some super days for outdoor activities, and some rewarding destinations for day trips and drives.

Fairs, summer theater, concerts and art shows, hikes, bikes, fishing and watercraft ventures, shopping, lingering and relaxing — and dreaming — are all on the awesome August calendar along with that rewarding option of just plain doing nothing — and loving it.

The month comes in with some favorite small town traditions: in Belgrade Lakes a Bean Hole bean supper — a great Maine menu benefiting a great Maine cause, the local volunteer fire and rescue workers; a Loon Calling Contest open to all from toddlers to nonagenarians attempting to imitate the lakes' legendary inhabitants; the weekly Farmers' Market; and a lakeside craft fair.

The month comes in with Skowhegan's River Fest — the mighty Kennebec River, of course, into which all the Belgrade lakes flow and through which the region was discovered and economically thrived. River Fest not only honors the history of log days but showcases the downtown river gorge as the future home of Run of River, a recreation area that will include a whitewater park, fourseason trails and a riverfront promenade.

The month comes in with the iconic blueberry, on a bush to be picked or at the Wilton Blueberry Festival to be celebrated. At the latter there will be a town full of activities, including a book sale, arts and crafts, boat tours, entertaniment a parade and fireworks, all to complement the State's most famous berry.

During August, the accent on most activities is outdoors, under the stars, near the water. Outdoor movies, concerts, markets and various venues to sample brews are open-air. The summer schedules may be winding down but they aren't over — perhaps just a little bit more in the dark with the shortening days and earlier evenings.

With August there is still time to catch a few rays, a few fish, a few rounds of golf or that hike not taken, time to catch up on friendships, neighborhoods, organizations that are working hard for the best interests of the area be it increasing water quality or decreasing the shocking number — there should be none — of area children going to bed hungry every night.

With August there is still time to make a difference, a donation, a volunteer effort. Money is great, so is that food left for a food bank from a camp being vacated. Shopping in advance for the holidays is brilliant, buying that benefits an association or cause is even brighter. Running is good, running to raise funds is more fun.

As August moves on while the weather is still gracious and nature inviting the final ode of August is to plan a return — a return to a lake, or a town, or to a scheme on how to spend more time in the area in the future when it's amazing August time.