August 3 – 9, 2018 Vol. 20, No. 9

Summertime in the Belgrades

August 3 – 9


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Taking Advantage of Mother Nature's Bounty

Stan Berman (upper left) and members of his extended family paddle in the rain.

by Pete Kallin

We finally got a little much needed rain last week. Early in the week I was out fishing in a light rain and noticed a group of kayaks paddling along. I pulled up alongside the kayaker that looked to be about 5 decades older than all the others and called out, "Hey, don't you know it's raining out here?"

He laughed and said, "It doesn't matter when you're out on the lake having fun." The kayaker turned out to be Stan Berman of Dover, MA. Stan and his family have been summer visitors to the Belgrades for 35 years. He was out paddling with one of his grandkids, a niece, and a nephew. Others out fishing this week included 11-year old Vanessa White who caught a nice smallmouth bass over on Snow Pond while fishing with her family.

The rain this week has been good for the garden and given a big boost to the wild berries and mushrooms in the woods and along shorelines. I went foraging at the 7-Lakes Alliance property along the Great Meadow Stream in Smithfield and was rewarded with a delicious mixture of red and black raspberries, the first blackberries of the season, and lots of high bush blueberries. The blueberries were in large clumps growing along portions of the stream and I harvested quite a few canoeing along the stream. Later in the summer I will use them to brew a refreshing blueberry wheat Belgian Ale.

A beaming Vanessa White holds up her freshly caught Snow Pond smallmouth bass.

I also got a little hiking in and some foraging for mushrooms. Got enough to make a nice meatloaf with wild mushrooms for dinner one night and scrambled eggs with onions, garlic scapes, and black trumpet mushrooms for breakfast. Another night we had some friends over and grilled white and yellow perch and crappie filets with a honey-coriander glaze. The honey was supplied by friend, Matt Scott, a master beekeeper.

Take advantage of the rest of the summer and get out on the lakes or hike or bike in the hills. And take a kid along. You will be creating memories that will last. Check out the events at the 7-LA website and the sign in front of the Maine Lakes Resource Center. There are lots of exciting things coming up.

Pete Kallin is a past director of the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance.