August 24 – September 30, 2018 Vol. 20, No. 12

Fifty Nifty Ways To Exit Summer

by Esther J. Perne

Lingering memories, muscles, souvenirs, a tan! There's no way that summer definitively ends, but leaving it for other climes and times and seasons and reasons is best transacted with the celebration of the great, late days of the season.

How to celebrate? Check these out, or off:

Eat ice cream outdoorsDonate food to a local cupboardClimb a mountainClimb The MountainRoller skate by a lakeIce skate in a VaultPicnic in a parkVisit a local cemeteryVisit a Quaker cemeteryVisit a Veterans CemeteryCross the Kennebec on a foot bridgeCross a lake quietly: canoe, kayak, paddleboard, swimHug a child or grandchildHug a dog or cat or horseHug a treeShop for souvenirsShop for Christmas or other holidaysEat pie a la cheddar cheeseEat a whoopie pieSend a cake-size whoopie homeJump in a lakeJump in a pool; join one for the winterListen to the loonsLearn a loon callCollect colorful leavesTake a rainy-day walkFind faces and figures in cloudsFollow a rainbowBrake for a family of birdsRead an old book from a camp shelfVisit a libraryJoin a book groupGo to a book saleGive books as giftsDrive to a high hillGo to a country fairCatch an outdoor concertVisit a farmers' marketStop at a roadside standEat local veggiesSit for a sunsetWatch the wonderings of a childPeople watch from a sidewalk cafeWindow shop along an historic main streetTake a walk in the woodsFollow a trail along a riverPick the berries of the seasonPick-your-own applesCollect camp memorabiliaAmble through an antique emporiumStroll through a greenhouse or arboretumPlant a treePull weedsThank a volunteer, or become oneEat a red hot dogVisit an historic siteTry to catch a white capBecome a member of an associationPlan for next summer

There are fifty, nifty — What, only fifty? — ways to enter summer...