August 24 – September 30, 2018Vol. 20, No. 12

North Ponder Wins Lake Steward Award

by Jodie Mosher-Towle

Linda Rice is Maine Lake Society's first recipient of Lake Steward of the Year. A lifelong summer and now year-round resident of North Pond, Linda goes above and beyond every day, year round, when it comes to her precious lake!

Linda's family was one of the first to build a camp on Bog Road, now known as North Shore Drive. Her mother painted their life on the lake and captured many photos of her father with string of fish in front of their camp.

Her time on the board [of the North Pond Association] began just after she was involved in rescuing an injured loon in the wee hours of the morning with volunteers from Biodiversity Research Institute out of Portland better known as, Briloon. She presented the happenings to the board and a lake neighbor suggested she would make a great board member. The rest is history.

Serving on the board as NPA's secretary, she has re-organized NPA's inner workings and it's running more efficiently than ever with her efforts to create a more organized, functional meeting. At a glance each director knows the committees they sit on, contact information for other board members and what our immediate lake association needs are. Linda makes every dues paying member and business member know the NPA appreciates their support by sending out personalized thank you notes to each and every one.

Before becoming secretary, Linda became involved as NPA's CBI Czar, Milfoil Maiden, and LakeSmart Samaritan! Whether she is being paid to CBI or volunteering at the landing, she puts the same effort into the task at hand. She introduces herself and greets each boater with a hearty hello, gets to know them and proceeds to inspect and inform. She befriends many of the regulars who quite often share their fish haul of the day with her. She is ultra prepared with North Pond Newsletters to hand out, LakeSmart information, just in case there is an interest, Aquatic Plant ID cards and conservation information having to do with the Belgrade Watershed. Linda is North Pond's certified LakeSmart Screener, attends all Lake Trust meetings and even takes the minutes for them! North Pond's Plant Identification Book was made even better because of her efforts and relationships made at the VLMP. She is an avid IPP leader, Earth Day boat landing clean-up organizer, and a most outwardly passionate lake steward.

When the call was made sharing the news that she was selected as a finalist for Maine Lakes Society's Lake Steward of the Year, she was very surprised she had been nominated. In late June the ceremony to announce the winners was held at University of Maine at Farmington. Linda's lake peers, who share her enthusiasm and commitment to their own lakes applauded loudly when it was announced she was the first MLS Lake Steward of the Year 2018. As the winner, Maine Lakes Society presented her with a beautiful lake scene print from a local artist and the NPA presented her with a plaque at their Annual Meeting in July.

Thank you, Linda for all you do and all you will do to keep the NPA's mission alive and well!

Jodie Mosher-Towle is president of the North Pond Association.