May 31 – June 13, 2019Vol. 21, No. 1

Taking the Nature Test

They are simple pleasures, but they can enhance your summer, add a meaningful touch to your day or make your vacation special. How many of these lakeside experiences with nature will you enjoy this summer? Save this quiz and fill in the boxes.

Have you listened to…

Loons laughing in the rain
Waves lapping on the shore
A fish jump
A mosquito hum in the night
Rain on the roof
An echo

Have you watched…

A sunbeam dance
Whitecaps churning in the wind
A moonbeam playing on the water
Mist rising from a lake at dawn
The northern lights
The big dipper
A rainbow
A great blue heron
A face in the clouds

Have you smelled…

Warm, dry pine needles

Have you tasted…

Fresh wild berries

Have you felt…

Warm summer rain
The sun on your back

And have you…

Floated on a wave
Skipped a pebble on the water
Peeled the petals off a daisy
Been nice to a nest (left it alone)
Boated by a buoy
Braked for an animal crossing the road
Fed a feathered friend
Picked up litter

Add some more of your own…