August 9 – 15, 2019Vol. 21, No. 10

Local Author Makes Good On A Dream

When Holly J. Martin was growing up in Norridgewock, she spent hours reading at the Norridgewock Library. When she was a young mother she spent hours making up stories for her children. When she embarked on a long working career, Holly spent years thinking about the books she would write...sometime. She had an ambitious plan for ten romance novels, following the separate lives of ten siblings from Maine.

Today, Holly is a published author of six books — five from her long-planned Johnson Family series plus a new novella. She is still working full time but she is writing, too, and is now on the sixth book in her series.

"I try to write every day, at least one paragraph," says Holly, who started writing her books in 2015 and had the first one published in 2017. "I never want it to be a regret that I didn't do it," she states.

Although Holly had plotted out her books over the years and knows the whole story before she writes it, one circumstance that led her to finally put them on paper four years ago was her husband's involvement with refereeing evening basketball games — time that she spent writing. It's a good arrangement, says Holly, adding "My husband is one of my first proofreaders."

Like many Mainers, Holly has wonderful childhood settings to draw on and uses Maine people and places — with changed names — to create her characters and situations. Her favorite memory is camping all her growing up years with her Grandparents each summer on Moose Pond but that, she says, she is saving for a nonfiction book.

For fans of romance books and of authors who follow through on their dreams, Holly's novels may be purchased on Amazon or through Barnes and Noble. The titles in the Johnson Family series include: Princess, Harmony, Heaven, Sweet Love, and the novella My Maine Man. Not related to the series is Divine Risk.

For more information, visit the author's website.