June 29 – July 5, 2012Vol. 14, No. 4

Boynton's Market Is Back!

by Katy Perry

If you haven't driven through Hallowell since last February, have I got news for you! Boynton's market is back in business — well, not the same market anymore that it was when the Bakers, the Boyntons, or the Bucks owned it. Today, it's in a different building, at 153 Water Street, right next to the last one, but let me assure you that the local people and those who come and go from time to time are really happy with the new arrangement.

In February of this year, the new owners, Ruth and Don LaChance, arranged a convenient place to buy your groceries, wine, meat, milk and an assortment of other items. They are there to welcome you with a neighborly smile as friendly as Alice, Karen or any other members of the amazing Buck family that served you for decades. In fact, the amazing Alice might be on duty the day you stop in at the new Boynton's Market and she will surely welcome you as warmly as ever!

Many local people were unhappy when news spread around town that Boynton's Market had closed — followed, just days later by the news that Karen, the store owner, had left us far too quickly and most sadly.

The LaChances felt the need and decided to go into the marketing business themselves and provide a local grocery store. This move was especially a benefit to the people who have apartments in the nearby Cotton Mill. Many apartments are for elderly people without "wheels" to travel afar for their victuals. It is equally important for the mother on Middle or Central Street who discovers she is out of sugar and already half through her cake batter!

The newly established Boynton's Market is easily accessible, well-equipped, and capably managed by the new owners. Sure you can go to any of the "Big- Boxes" if you like but, let me tell you, there is nothing that provides the genuine "Home" feeling you get when you stop in at a local market and perhaps meet the local fire chief, a new neighbor, the last teacher you had in school or even the kid — now grown — that you babysat when the parents went out to a movie!

Such happenings are just another reason why Hallowell is a real community — a delightful place to live and call home. To my way of thinking, the new Boynton's Market is seriously enhancing the "Community" feeling of this 250- year-old Maine Village!

Before I finish let me tell you that at the moment there are about 150 beautiful pottery "American Mugs" designed and created by Hallowell resident Molly Webber. They are going fast — so go get one today. Proceeds will benefit the year-long activities of the 250th year celebration.

Longtime Hallowell resident Katy Perry is an author and news commentator who knows, loves, and respects Maine. Her beloved town, Maine's "smallest city," celebrates its 250th anniversary in 2012.