August 21 – September 30, 2015Vol. 17, No. 12

2015: On To An Awesome Autumn

A maple with scarlet leaves stands on the shore of Great Pond.

by Esther J. Perne

Enter the most beautiful and invigorating season of the year in central Maine. Call it fall, call it autumn, call it the end of summer, it is a time of change.

Movement is in the air and moving on is, too. Leaves become colorful, nights cooler, clothes warmer and fires friendlier.

There is less activity on the lakes, more lingering in towns. Vacations wind down, sports practices start up and then schools themselves. Good-byes ring out. Migrations begin.

A few last outings are in order. The Calendar of Events is still full. Museums and historic sites are less crowded. The scenery on trails is at its best. Even for loungers, the sun seems mellower and the wind gentler.

This is the time of the year when traditions are strongest: the last boat ride, the last swim, the last visit to a hilltop or a hidden cove, the last trip to a favorite village, gift shop, or eating place and, most important of all, that greeting of "So long" to familiar haunts: a lake, a pathway, a park, a bridge.

On lakes, gradually fewer watercraft decorate shorefronts, water levels drop, and docks are hauled in and stacked on shore. Inside, comes the closing of the camps. Some folks carefully cover everything against dust. Some turn the key and let come what may during the winter. Some call a caretaker to do it all.

Whatever the rituals of the season, whatever the transitions, whatever the change, the memories remain. It was a good summer, 2015, busy, different and now it is time for moving on to the most beautiful and invigorating season of the year . . . on to an awesome autumn.