June 3 – 16, 2016 Vol. 18, No. 1

Summertime in the Belgrades

June 3 – 16


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Summer of 2016: Ready! Set! Enjoy!

Summer businesses open.

by Esther J. Perne

Summer again! The season moves in. First the snowbirds return, the sandhill cranes, the loons, the Golden Pond sunsets and the early-season anglers. The open lakes beckon around every bend in the road and green creeps softly up the hills.

Wood deliveries and spring cleaning of yards and gardens catch the eye of the passerby, followed by the less visible tasks of tilling and planting and the quiet nesting of the birds. On the lakes motors hum, and occasionally sputter, and the voices of workmen and early camp openers carry clearly across the water. Familiar, eager, happy seasonal residents filter into villages, shops and local haunts. Greetings pervade along with gossip about changes since last summer.

Change is good, but not too much and that's why the seasonals have returned here for generations that plus the overwhelming beauty and peace and memories they embrace.

Soon the weekenders swoop in for a day here, an overnight there families juggling diverse schedules of work and sports activities and dual homes usually within a commutable radius. Not unlike the area's much loved wildlife inhabitants, sometimes the weekenders have their young in tow and sometimes they are out foraging a bit happily it appears alone.

A long, proud history of summer followers.

Close on the weekender/camp owner surge, the corps of students arrives, some to attend the traditional overnight youth camps and others to take up job posts throughout the region. They are young and enthusiastic and their school schedules provide the parameter for when many of the summer lodges and businesses are fully open and for when the boys and girls camps ring with comradeship and laughter. Without fail, some of these students will become addicted for life to the lakes and become the next generation of vacationers, weekenders and seasonals.

By now the area is bustling with extra people, with guests and visitors and vacationers and of course those love-to-visit-in-the-summer (and only then) relatives. It is also bustling with watercraft and roadcraft, with shoppers and browsers, with outdoor enthusiasts and event goers of all ages.

The swell of the summer resort industry is the heritage of this region. It recalls a long, proud history of summer followers, provides a recharging of traditional events and activities, sets a precedent for appreciation of what those who live here might take for granted and is an invitation for everyone no matter where they are based in the Belgrades and beyond to venture out to the lakes that beckon around every bend in the road and the hills that are covered in green.

Ready, set, enjoy!