July 15 – 21, 2016Vol. 18, No. 6

Dining Near Water: What Could Be Better?

by Esther J. Perne

Beautiful lakes, big rivers, scenic drives, good food! Add vacationers, visitors, and residents in the summer celebration mode, and the mix is awesome.

Start at the heart! Belgrade Lakes Village combines an aura of the café society to complement its historic inns and local grills. Along Main — the one street in town — picnic tables with colorful umbrellas invite the walkers, the families with children, the dogs with owners in tow.

Here, the breezes blow in off Long Pond and the Great Pond stream, visitors are never far from a glimpse of water and the call of the loon can be heard during a quiet moment. Here, there are parks on the water and docks and marinas where lake dwellers come and go by boat. Here, there are decisions to be made about type of fare (there's quite a range from one edge of town to the other) and plans to be laid to return sans children and dogs for an adult meal out.

At rough count there are a dozen (on market day a baker's dozen) inviting stops in or near the Village, on or near the water, where food beckons. From the inviting smells of baked goods to the cooling feel of an ice cream treat one eating stop can lead to another . . . and beyond.

Beyond the Village, water is still the great denominator for an awesome dining experience. There are other villages, and towns, on the lakes and rivers, and other eating options with water in their names.

Beautiful lakes, big rivers, scenic drives, good food. The mix is awesome!