July 22, 2011Vol. 13, No. 7

On Open Farm Day, Sunday, July 24, everyone is invited to visit the dozens of farms in Maine that have generously planned a day for the public to tour the barns, the gardens, the livestock facilities, the kitchens and shops. Some farms will have demonstrations or children's activities, refreshments or music. Open Farm Day is a day to appreciate the dedication and hard work of those who provide the fresh food, the creative fiber, and the pastoral open spaces that are so admired throughout this beautiful state.


Back to the Basics of Bread

Skowhegan has been quietly staging a revolution so extraordinary that after just five years it has spread to the West Coast, and it all has to do with bread, with locally grown, mostly organic grains, with entrepreneurs who had the vision to buy the closed downtown county jail to set up a grist mill, and with a Kneading Conference, now in its fifth year, that coordinates the many segments of the industry, covers everything "from earth to hearth," and leads into an Artisan Bread Fair that attracts followers in the thousands. More . . .


Colburn House: Arnold's Headquarters on the Kennebec

A state historic site, the recently-restored Reuben Colburn House in Pittston is a treasure of Maine and United States history. It was from here in September 1775 that Colonel Benedict Arnold led an ill-fated expedition of 1,100 colonial soldiers up the Kennebec River to attack the British stronghold of Quebec City. More . . .


River Rats REJOICE!

As you probably know, our beautiful Belgrade Lakes all come together and eventually flow into the mighty Kennebec River. The river is a true success story involving improved water quality, shoreline restoration and renewed fisheries. This week I had the luxury of playing on the river for four days in a row. What more can a guy ask for? More . . .


Itchy Dogs

Allergic dermatitis, or skin inflammation due to allergies, is a very common ailment during the summer months. Generally, there are four common reasons for allergic dermatitis: flea allergy, food allergy, environmental allergy, and atopy. More . . .