June 17 – 23, 2016Vol. 18, No. 2

Day camps, like this nature camp at the L.C.Bates Museum, offer a wealth of summer learning opportunities. More . . .

Cover Story

Crazy About Day Camp

When memories are tallied at the end of summer vacation and recalled over the years, among the best and the most lasting are the days spent at youth camp. Character is formed, attitude adjusted and lifetime interests created. Among the lakes and hills of central Maine, in the communities and schools and , there are awesome day camp opportunities for children to taste the traditions, experience the camaraderie and develop the skills that are so unique to Maine summer camps. More . . .


Belgrade/Rome Special Needs Food Pantry

The economic situation for many of our neighbors does not change with the weather and influx of summer guests. The Food Pantry is always operating, serving clients, distributing food and household items and ready to assist where and when needed. More . . .


A Focused Community Group Helps!

The Kennebec Soil and Water Conservation District works in many different Kennebec County watersheds. Nearly all of them have some type of "watershed group." Some more formal than others. Some are more expansive and focus their efforts on entire watershed systems. What they have in common is that they are composed of people from all walks of life who share the one pervasive desire to do the right thing for their watershed. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Smokin' In The Treehouse

Boy o boy, didn't we love to build tree houses. I'm trying to get a handle on what age that was, I'm guessing it had to be from about 8 years to 12 years. Every small town had a few boys who seemed industrious and creative and who were really into making tree houses and Belgrade, Maine was no different. More . . .

Take It

Summer's In Full Swing

Summer seems to be in full swing, with long lines at Day's Store and more out-of-state license plates than Maine plates on the cars parked in the village. This past week has seen a mixture of weather, some hot, some cool, some wind and finally, a bit of much needed rain. More . . .