June 24 – 30, 2016Vol. 18, No. 3

A view of the Kennebec River on a hazy, lazy summer afternoon looking north toward Augusta from the Kennebec River Rail Trail in Hallowell.

Cover Story

The Quest For Quiet

Quiet in recreation is the quiet of undertones that soothe the soul. Hoof beats on hard pack, the whirl of a bicycle's wheel, the dip and drip of a canoe or kayak paddle and the snapping line of a casting rod, the crunch-crunch of hiking through leaves, the songs of so many birds that none stands out. Through this quiet, there can be great bonding, observations and conversation, families can share an activity in common and all ages can gain a new respect for healthy exercise. More . . .

Conservation Too

Stormwater Runoff: Avoid a Disaster

We have talked about stormwater runoff before. Like anything else in our life, if we anticipate it and make informed decisions, we can affect its impact. In the case of a rainstorm, we can design our landscape and manage our property in a manner so that the rainwater's impact on water quality is moderated. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Guns After School, Circa 1960

This story is not some sort of political viewpoint concerning guns in our midst. I do memoirs as I recall them and this story struck me as times have changed in so many ways in very few years. Perhaps that has always been the way of things, but in thinking about this gun story and looking back 56 years, the changes are dramatic. More . . .

Take It

When the Wind Blows, Hike!

The weather this week has been very windy, which has cut into my fishing a bit. However, it has made for nearly perfect hiking weather cool with a brisk wind to keep the bugs away. I hiked several of the BRCA hiking trails this week and ran into many others out doing the same. More . . .