August 26 – September 30, 2016Vol. 18, No. 12

The sun sets over Messalonskee Lake (a.k.a. Snow Pond) at the New England Music Camp/Snow Pond Center for the Arts.

Cover Story

The Secrets of Autumn

Autumn! Breath-taking foliage! Placid lakes! Scenic views! But the beauty of autumn is more than leaf deep: It is an experience — constantly changing, inviting, comforting; the last hurrah before the whites of winter; the long reward between two more bustling seasons. More . . .


End of Season Letter

As the summer of 2016 winds down, it is time to take a look back at an outstanding season. The summer offered some ideal vacation weather — Yes, some do love it hot — the calendar of events presented a tantalizing overload of enrichment activities and recreation outlets, and our advertisers � the shops and businesses, entertainment and eateries � had a lot of happy visitors. That's the way life should be. More . . .


Neighbors Driving Neighbors

George needs a ride to the Alzheimer's day care center three times a week. Margaret is blind but needs to get to a dental appointment. Betty would like to visit her sister whom she has not seen in six months. Esther has 10 therapy appointments in the next 30 days. Millie needs to go to the food pantry. What all these people have in common is that they do not drive but are receiving rides through a program called Neighbors driving Neighbors. More . . .

Conservation Too

The LakeSmart Story: A Buffer Drama

Over the years I have often referred to the LakeSmart program. It is a voluntary program where shoreline landowners on some lakes have their property evaluated to review its impact on the lake water quality, i.e. to control erosion and phosphorus runoff, also called "stormwater runoff control." More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Summer's Curtain Calls

Well folks, it's time. I'm speaking of the inevitable process of when one summer season takes a bow and heads off stage. Sometimes they disperse rather grudgingly and other years they are gone in the blink of an eye. More . . .

Take It

Another Summer Wraps Up

Suddenly the days are getting a little shorter and I am beginning to notice leaves beginning to turn red in the wetlands and yellow high on the hillsides. It is still quite warm during the day but the nights are growing cooler. Soon it will become easier to find a parking place in the village. More . . .


Maslak and Witkin Leave Lasting Legacy

The Belgrade Lakes Association recently recognized Maureen Maslak and Bill Witkin for their many years of service as members of the BLA Board of Directors. Maureen and Bill received a standing ovation and the heart felt thanks of the large crowd at the July 31 BLA Member Reception and Annual Meeting. More . . .