June 2 – 15 , 2017Vol. 19, No. 1

A sure sign of spring is high school and college graduations, like this one at Colby College on May 21, where former vice president Joe Biden was the featured speaker. Can summer be far behind? More . . .

Cover Story

2017: Can't Wait For Summer

Can't wait . . . to wear sandals, brain-freeze on ice cream, listen to concerts under the stars and chase the shade on hot days. Can't wait for warm gentle rains, lupines decorating the roadsides, sails aloft across open waters and bikers whizzing in convoys along local roads. Can't wait for all that is summer! More . . .


Letter of Welcome

Welcome to the summer of 2017 and to the 25th season of this unique Belgrades newspaper. We start a new season of summer and of Summertime, as a spokespiece for much that is family-oriented and wholesome in the area, that is of current concern and historic interest, that is beckoning everyone to enjoy, and to participate in, the events, the recreation, the beautiful natural setting. More . . .


Local Delegation to Visit Sister City in Russia

Updated! Later this month, Kotlas, Russia, Greater Waterville's sister city, will celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of its founding. Four area residents will travel to Kotlas to join in the festivities. More . . .


A Lake Legend Lost: Glenn A. Baxter (1942-2017)

A cove, a boy and a boat. For as long as I can remember, there was our cove and there was Glenn, the boy in the boat with a motor. Like most kids on a lake in his day, the cove — our cove — was Glenn's world. More . . .


Your Part in Protecting Water Quality

You hear the term "non-point source pollution" or NPS. The term means just what it implies. The pollution comes from many sources instead of a single point. How do we address non-point source pollution? We use a "Best Management Practice." More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Time To Open Camp

Well, it seemed like the winter would never get over, and the big Valentine's Day storm sealed our fate. We haven't been up to camp since Columbus Day weekend last fall. After the Christmas holidays were over and we got through the 2017 New Year blast, occasional thoughts of the coming summer started to creep in. More . . .

Take It

Take it Outside!

When I was growing up and there was any kind of ruckus in the house, which was pretty common with six kids, my mother would tell us to, "Take it outside!" We would then head out to the woods behind the house to find something to do. My mother was a wise woman. More . . .

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