June 22 – 29, 2017 Vol. 19, No. 3

Summertime in the Belgrades

June 22 – 29


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The Mountain Kennel Club is a group of dog owners who, almost every day, get together early in the morning to hike up The Mountain. Standing from left to right are Lynn Matson, Barbara, Allen, Harriet Perez, Shelley Fitzgerald, along with their canines, Sydney, Cody, Roxy, Lexi, and Juneau. More . . .

Cover Story

On the Stand: 25 Years Ago

Twenty-five years ago gas cost around a dollar, a Bush and a Clinton were campaigning for president and in the Belgrades a new publication appeared. It was billed as the weekly guide to the best of the Belgrade Lakes and its mission was to promote the positives and proactivity of this unique region: the history, the livelihood, the outdoor lifestyle. More . . .

Conservation Too

Let's Get Blueberries: Conservation Practices in the Blueberry Industry

Maine is the top producer of wild blueberries in the country, with around 44,000 acres in production. Once the harvest is done, plants are pruned. Traditionally, farmers have used burning as their pruning technique, but more now farmers have been encouraged to mow these fields. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Play Ball!

YES, those were the words that we liked to hear. It didn't really matter if it was baseball or basketball, either way it meant fun and the excitement of either going to another school or having them visit us in Belgrade. More . . .

Take It

Training Future Lake Stewards

According to the calendar summer has barely begun, but the season is already flying by. Most of our snowbird summer residents are back already and increasing numbers of out of town visitors are appearing. As schools are getting out, more and more young faces are appearing throughout the watershed. This week began with a weekend visit from an old friend followed by a multi-day trip to western Maine with a couple of short hikes and fishing trips in between. More . . .

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