June 22 – 28, 2018 Vol. 20, No. 3

Summertime in the Belgrades

June 22 – 28


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Peter Roderick (with helmet, chaps, and saw) and Andy Cook cut up a tree that had fallen across a trail on The Mountain in Rome. More . . .


Recyclable Plastics

Over the years, we have come to trust that if it's plastic and has a number on it, it will be recycled. But now, China, a major buyer of America's discarded but recyclable plastics, has all but stopped buying due to impure content in the bales and bales of plastics, e.g. plastics mixed with batteries or paper, plastics covered with food, and plastics mixed with dirty diapers. More . . .


Saving the Family Cottage

The fifth edition of Saving the Family Cottage, whose first edition was published in 2009, is now out. When you have three lawyers writing 198 pages of common sense approaches to saving the vacation spot full of family memories, it is certainly worth a look. More . . .

Conservation Too

How Invasive Plants Get Managed on a Farm

A farm in Litchfield manages a dairy business with 88 head of cows. Like most dairy farmers, they focus on keeping their lands productive, like so many landowners in Maine, they have had a problem that, if left unmanaged, can take over and stop lands from being productive or even manageable. That problem is invasive species. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Trouble On the Lake: Another Ghostly Sighting

The guide ghosts of Great Pond are certainly not a new phenomenon. Several years ago they were nearly caught partying on Oak Island, and last summer, three separate incidents were called into the authorities by flatlanders, all relating to strange happenings on Great Pond. Their most recent return was just a couple of weeks back, when my wife and I got caught in an unexpected fog. More . . .

Take It

Training Future Lake Stewards

Although according to the calendar summer has barely begun, it is already flying by with lots going on. This has been another busy week with lots of activities with the various groups I work with. More . . .

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