August 3 – 9, 2018 Vol. 20, No. 9

Summertime in the Belgrades

August 3 – 9


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What better way to celebrate August than to jump off a float into lake! More . . .

Cover Story

It's Awesome August Time

August arrives with a hint of the refreshing season to come and an invitation to enjoy the summer at its height. August arrives with a flurry of small town events, some super days for outdoor activities, and some rewarding destinations for day trips and drives. Fairs, summer theater, concerts and art shows, hikes, bikes, fishing and watercraft ventures, shopping, lingering and relaxing — and dreaming — are all on the awesome August calendar along with that rewarding option of just plain doing nothing — and loving it More . . .


How Maine Changed the World

As with most of my reading, How Maine Changed the World makes me want to find another one by the same author, Nancy Griffin. There are surprises on every single page. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

A Village Stroll in 1959, Part III

Last week in the small village of Belgrade Lakes, we migrated (very slowly) from the Catholic Church down to the first house North of the Union Church. We now pick up where we left off, at the Belgrade Lakes Post Office. More . . .

Take It

Taking Advantage of Mother Nature's Bounty

We finally got a little much needed rain last week. Early in the week I was out fishing in a light rain and noticed a group of kayaks paddling along. I pulled up alongside the kayaker that looked to be about 5 decades older than all the others and called out, "Hey, don't you know it's raining out here?" More . . .

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