August 16 – 22, 2019Vol. 21, No. 11

Salmon Lake at Sunset. Photo by Robyn Devney, courtesy of the McGrath Pond & Salmon Lake Association Spring 2019 Newsletter.

Cover Story

The Last Splash of Summer

Go ahead: jump in the water, stop at a site that's open seasonally, order Grape Nut or coffee ice cream or something else mostly Maine-y, attend an end of summer outdoor movie or concert or crafts class and spend time — lots of time — outdoors. When summer counts down, it's the signal to ramp up, catch up with what hasn't ended, what's ahead. More . . .


Mad Hatters Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Project

In the fall of last year, the newly formed Mad Hatters Committee launched a campaign to save The Alice in Wonderland Room, which had been generously donated in its entirety to the Cary Memorial Library by Grace Burleigh, a revered resident of Wayne. The room has both cultural and historical significance. More . . .


Changing Climate, Changing Need for Vigilance

A sunny, hot summer punctuated by intense storms and studies on how a changing climate impacts people and wildlife have caused many people to ask what these changes mean for the watershed's health, economy and recreation. In the Belgrade Lakes and nearby watersheds, 7 Lakes Alliance and many partners provide information, training and opportunities to act to protect both lands and waters. More . . .

LakeSmart Tip

Secure Your Structure

Drip! Drip! Drip! Where does rainwater go once it lands on your roof? What does it take with it? In addition to septics, LakeSmart also looks at where water goes after it falls from your roof. Underneath the eaves lies our biggest concern. As rain falls from your eves, it hits the ground and carries dirt away towards the lake. More . . .


Maine's Stephen King

I actually read the newest novel by our very own Stephen King, horror writer, from Bangor, Maine. I figured, a short short novel of horror would go fast, maybe a day or two. Well, it was not horror and I did read the story in a day or two because I wanted to know what was next: a real sign of good writing being a page turner. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Log Cabin Elixer

When you see a little log cabin nestled in a woodsy setting, smoke slowly rising from the fieldstone chimney, surrounding trees covered with a fresh blanket of snow, what visions enter your mind? For some, it is just a little rustic cabin with minimalist furnishings and few creature comforts — offering little or no interest. To others, it exudes calm, comfort, security, and simplicity. More . . .

Take It

Summer Is Flying By

The summer is flying by. The weather has continued to be variable, mostly hot and humid with a few thundershowers, but occasionally really nice for hiking in the shady woods. Lots of events are going on in town and also outside. It is heartening to run into so many families out enjoying the local trails. More . . .