August 23 – September 30, 2019Vol. 21, No. 12

Afterglow: This photo of Great Pond was taken 15-20 minutes after sunset on an August evening. Photo by Gregor Smith.

Cover Story

2019: Hello to Fall in the Belgrades

Hello, fall! Hello, patches of color climbing the hills. Hello, energizing air. Hello, loons rafting together before leaving for open winter waters and human snowbirds at the post office filing forwarding addresses. More . . .


Letter from the Editor

The summer of 2019 is ending but not the memories. There was great swimming and boating, fishing and hiking, music and celebration. The sunsets were inspiring, the food was tempting, the activities fun. The summer of 2019 drew a lot of families to the region, a lot of happy visitors and vacationers, a lot of readers of Summertime. More . . .

LakeSmart Tip

Leave Your Leaves!

When fall comes along and you are closing up your camp, remember this LakeSmart moto: "Take a break, put down your rake, and save the lake!" Leaves and pine needles provide a barrier between rain water and dense soil. When allowed to accumulate, the debris creates a sponge-like barrier that captures and infiltrates rainwater before it enters the lake. More . . .


E.B. White on Democracy

During these turbulent times, it is helpful to read our "Once More to the Lake" bard and lover of all things here in the summer, E.B. White. Now we have On Democracy, a new collection of his words to read in 2019, edited by his granddaughter Martha White. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

The Boats of Belgrade: A Little History

The last Guide Ghost story from five weeks ago involved an old guide boat that I remembered from my youth. This brought me to thinking how many "named" boats there were here over the last 70 years or so. I wrote down as many as would come to mind and, WOW, the number was near 20. I'm sure that I've missed many and that you readers could fill in the gaps. More . . .