June 12 – 18, 2020Vol. 22, No. 1

Cover Story

The Call of the Belgrades Summer

Welcome to the summer of 2020, to the many great qualities that make this region attractive and unique, to the many small traditions that provide memories lasting and special, to the lore and legacies that set this beautiful area apart. Welcome to a new summer season so full of change and so changeless. More . . .


Welcome Letter

Welcome to the waters and woods of this beautiful region and welcome to the pages of Summertime in the Belgrades. Every summer our greetings include the saying that the more things change for us the more they remain the same. For the summer of 2020 some routines, traditions, outings and gatherings are in a state of change; many that we love aren't. More . . .


The Dams Keeper Report, 5/30/2020

We are starting the summer off with the Great Pond’s Village dam 0.6″ above full pond with both gates completely closed. At basically ½″ above full, the water is just flush with the top of the spillway. Long Pond’s Wings Mill dam is 2.28″, also above full pond with both gates now also completely shut down as well. Salmon/McGrath is right at full pond with its single gate opened just the mandated 1 cfs flow. More . . .


Greens On the Scene

There's more to the weed than meets the eye. Delicate salad fixings, boiled greens, sautéed buds, coffee and even wine. Dandelions are Maine's secret survival edible, protecting early settlers against scurvy. More . . .


In Pursuit of On Golden Pond

How many of you have read the original play by Richard Ernest Thompson? I have found very few readers who have. As a newcomer around these parts, I felt obliged, as a curious reader, to find the original script and read it for myself. More . . .

The Luckiest Boy

Spring Has Sprung

Welcome back to all you Summertime readers! The Luckiest Boy segment will be changing gears to some extent this season by alternating articles from personal memoirs as usual, to a new venue called Bringing the Past to the Present. The latter format is a smattering of articles written and published over the last two centuries with commentary comparing the issues, places and people of today. More . . .

Take It

Welcome Back!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about how we interact with other people, do shopping, and the types of activities that we are comfortable carrying out. It has also clearly shown the great value we place on having clean, healthy lakes and forests where we can safely spend time with family and friends and at least temporarily find refuge from external stresses. More . . .