June 19 – 25, 2020Vol. 22, No. 2

Red plastic Adirondack chairs glisten in the rays of the setting sun after an early evening thundershower.

Cover Story

Count Up To Social Distance

Summer in the Belgrades is the right place at the right time for individual passions and outlets, independent adventures and sports, creative spaces, quiet places, quarantines. Let that safer, saner, more socially-distanced — and rewarding — summer begin. More . . .


The Dams Keeper Report, 6/11/2020

As of this writing, Great Pond, Long Pond, and Salmon Lake/McGrath Pond are full or starting to feel the effects of the lack of precipitation. We are getting some showers, but we need rain (preferably at night!) to bring our water levels back up and to keep them up. Sporadic light showers are a welcomed relief for our gardens and farmers but of little consequence for our water levels. More . . .


Getting to Know New Places With Good People

Hello friends!! I'm the new(-ish) gal here, wrapping up my first month on the farm. Winterberry Farm has been a blessing that I stumbled upon in the wake of canceled summer plans due to the COVID-19. Just as I was about to give into the beast and stay put at home for the summer, Maine called, and I answered. Through the lovely MOFGA, I found this little slice of paradise to learn all things bees and flowers. And who could say no to that?! More . . .


Ken Roberts: Historical Novels

"The orange sky softened to a rosy yellow: dimmed slowly to a pallid green. The mountains bulked black against the fading light, and as the stars began to appear above them the lake darkened until there was no telling where water ended and shore began". I thought I would simply skim through Northwest Passage, but the 734-page page-turner kept history and local Maine color too close to my heart to not read and find out, what would happen next? More . . .

Conservation Too

Your Part in Protecting Water Quality

"Non-point source pollution," or NPS, is the runoff from roofs, parking areas and roadways. It includes the unimpeded runoff from your yard/lawn or a farmer's field. It may include the runoff from a local commercial/retail activity. Some of it may come from an area of the watershed where septic systems are not working effectively. NPS at all those sites adds up and has a cumulative effect on our lakes. More . . .

Take It

Fishing at Dawn and Dusk

So far this has been a cool and windy transition to summer. The fishing has continued to be productive, especially early in the morning and late in the evening. I love fishing these crepuscular periods when the lake is typically dead calm, and it is easy to spot fish feeding on or near the surface. More . . .